Roundtable & OA Chapter Meeting - Cook off via ZOOM

COOK OFF / Troop Trailing Show & Tell - via ZOOM

Annual Cookoff, Show & Tell for all troop trailers, comments, suggestions, etc.

Via Zoom

Troops to decide on a Scout who will shot and be the "Cook". "Cooks" will purchase ingredients prior to the Roundtable start.

Evening of Roundtable - Troops will determine what their entree dish will be using the basket ingredients and any other additional ingredients found in the "cooks" home. The total time for collaboration will be 10 minutes with 50 minutes cooking time.

Course Entree
Time: 60 Minutes
Mystery Basket Ingredients
1. Chicken
2. Zucchini
3. Pineapple
4. Packet of Freeze Dried Potatoes (Idahoan Potatoes)

Judging Criteria:
Family Member Judge - Taste = total possible 10 points
Online Judges - Creativity and Presentation = 10 points each
Total possible = 30 points

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