Scouts BSA Information to Know By February 2019

Steps for Linked Troops and Information on Eagle Extensions

In preparation for girls to begin participating in Scouts BSA on February 1, 2019, the following steps will need to be taken to organize a “Linked Troop".

Step 1

Communicate to Northern Star Scouting that your organization would like to have a “Linked Troop”. You can use the form on this webpage, have a conversation with your Program Relations Executive, or send an e-mail containing: your name and contact information, your current troop number, and the name of your charter partner to:

Step 2

The Charter Partner for the Linked Troop completes a New Unit Application and a Charter Partner Agreement form. These can be turned in to Northern Star Scouting any time. If turned in before February 1, 2019, Northern Star Scouting will “hold” them in anticipation of the new youth applications and adult leader applications.

Step 3

The Charter Partner approves the adult leaders of the troop, a minimum of 5 adult leaders are required.

  • The Charter Organization Representative must be the same person as for the other units the organization charters.
  • The Scoutmaster in the all-female youth troop cannot be the same as the Scoutmaster in the all-male youth troop.
  • Any other adult leaders may be registered members of both troops, including Committee Chair, Members of the Committee and Assistant Scoutmasters.
  • The linked troop must have one registered adult female leader in the Linked Troop.
  • All leaders of the new troop must fill out new adult applications.

Step 4

The adult leaders can conduct open houses or informational meetings for those interested in becoming members of Scouts BSA. Names and contact information can be collected. Applications and registration fees from youth members CANNOT be accepted by Northern Star Scouting or unit leaders until January 1, 2019. Accepting applications sends the message that these young people have become official members, and they cannot become an official member until they are registered on February 1, 2019. There needs to be a minimum of five paid youth.

Step 5

On February 1, 2019, Northern Star Scouting will begin processing the official paperwork and registration fees to enroll a Linked Troop in the Boy Scouts of America. This includes: New Unit Form, Charter partner Agreement, adult leader applications, youth member applications and fees.


Fees to be paid for a Linked Troop.

  • The Annual Charter Partner fee is $40.
  • For new adults, the annual registration fee is $30.25. This will cover registration for the remainder of 2019.
  • For adult members who are registered in another unit, there is no additional fee.
  • Youth members will have a registration fee of $30.25. This will cover registration for the remainder of 2019.

Information About Eagle Extension Options

On February 1, 2019, the Boy Scouts of America will begin admitting girls into Scouts BSA. One of the characteristics of Scouting—for over a hundred years—is that no matter when you join, however long you stay, or the rank you attain, the Scouting experience prepares you for life. And for some, the pinnacle of their Scouting experience is achieving the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

The policies of the BSA indicate that, except in extraordinary circumstances, a youth desiring to achieve the rank of Eagle must do so before the youth’s 18th birthday. This will continue to be our policy.

Extensions in 2019

It is in the interests of the entire BSA, and in fact our nation, that all girls who join the BSA in 2019 should have an opportunity to earn their Eagle badge should they diligently and promptly complete all requirements. Accordingly, after carefully considering recommendations from stakeholders, including feedback from volunteers and professionals at the 2018 Top Hands Meeting, the National Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America has approved temporary transition rules regarding extensions for youth over 16 but not yet 18 years of age on February 1, 2019 to complete the requirements for the Eagle Scout award.

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Scouts BSA Information to Know By February 2019

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